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Aralen (Chloroquine Phosphate)

Aralen (Chloroquine Phosphate)

For many years, Aralen has been used as a drug and a preventive agent for malaria in clinical practice. The effectiveness of the drug has been documented in numerous studies since the 1940s.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA issued an emergency order that allowed to prescribe Aralen to hospitalized patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The main purpose of the drug is to reduce symptoms and speed up recovery.

And despite the absence of longitudinal clinical studies, this drug has been used to treat COVID, in combination therapy, to speed up recovery and reduce the likelihood of death due to complications.

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Drug Info

  • Brand Name: Aralen;
  • Active Ingredient: Chloroquine Phosphate;
  • Manufacturer: Sanofi.

Aralen and its drug substance Chloroquine Phosphate

Chloroquine is the active substance, based on which the original drug Aralen was created. It is a synthetic form of quinine, a substance (alkaloid) found in the bark of the cinchona tree.

The exact mechanism of action of Chloroquine is not fully studied. It has been found that this active substance interferes with the protein synthesis of some protozoan parasites.

Besides, it is believed that Chloroquine exhibit antiviral activity. The drug exerts a selective effect over certain cell structures and prevents the coronavirus from releasing the genetic material necessary for reproduction.

Chloroquine Phosphate is well absorbed after oral intake. High plasma concentration and maximum therapeutic effect is achieved within one to six hours. Drug metabolism occurs in the liver. Chloroquine metabolites have therapeutic activity and are primarily excreted by kidneys.

Indications for use

Aralen is used for treatment of patients with COVID-19, including those with moderate or severe course of the disease. And although the FDA has not yet provided 100% approval of its effectiveness, according to doctors and patients, the drug helps to:

  • Ease the course of the disease;
  • Reduce the risk of complications.

Doctors may recommend Aralen for non-approved use within their authority to practice medicine. However, it should be noted that a single mechanism and proven methods for treatment of COVID-19 have not yet been developed. So, the use of the drug is individual and based on the clinical presentation.

Aralen can also be prescribed to patients with such diseases as:

  • Malaria;
  • Extraintestinal amoebiasis.

The drug can also be used to prevent malaria.

Treatment regimens and dosages

Aralen is supplied in the form of oral tablets. Available dosages:

  • 250 mg tablets;
  • 500 mg tablets.

A pharmacist or your doctor will advise you on the dosage you need.

COVID-19 treatment

Possible treatment regimen:

  • A single dose of 1000 mg;
  • Then a dose of 500 mg once a day.

Currently, doctors do not know exactly what is the best dose of Aralen to prescribe for patients with the coronavirus. Good results have been achieved when using higher doses than those used to treat other diseases. With high doses, short-term (up to several weeks) treatment is usually recommended. As soon as there is an improvement in the condition of a patient, they stop taking the drug.

Malaria treatment

A single dose of 1000 mg, then a dose of 500 mg with an interval of 6 hours, and then a dose of 500 mg once a day during two days.

Malaria prevention

The recommended single dose is 500 mg. Important information: the interval between doses is 7 days. Take 1–2 doses before going to an endemic area. Take Aralen during the trip and 4–8 more doses after leaving the endemic area.

Extraintestinal amoebiasis

  • 1000 mg approximately every 24 hours for 2 days;
  • Then 500 mg every 24 hours for 14–21 days.

Recommendations for use

To get the maximum effect from using Aralen, follow these guidelines:

  • Take the pills whole after a meal, with a glass of water;
  • Do not take more than the recommended dose;
  • Keep approximately equal time intervals between doses;
  • Tell your doctor if you feel better or worse.

Missed Dose

Avoid taking double doses or missing doses. Do not take a double dose to make up for missed doses. If you forget to take a pill, take it as soon as you remember to do it. However, if it's almost time to take the next pill, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular schedule.

When using Aralen once a week, you should not make up for the missed doses. Also, you should not make up for missed doses by reducing the intervals between doses.


It is contraindicated to use Aralen in the following cases:

  • Hypersensitivity to Chloroquine or tablet ingredients;
  • Hypersensitivity to 4-aminoquinoline compounds;
  • Using with Amiodarone Hydrochloride (a drug used to treat certain types of tachyarrhythmias).

Before using the drug, consult with your doctor in the following cases:

  • Any heart disease, especially if it is associated with a change in heart rate;
  • Liver dysfunction including due to excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Erythropoietic or hepatic porphyria (genetic diseases);
  • Damage or dysfunction of eye retina;
  • Seizures with impairment of motor and mental functions.

Patients with diabetes and without it should be warned that Aralen may cause a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels. Patients with a disposition to hypoglycemia or hypoglycemic attacks should have their plasma glucose levels checked regularly.

With the development of cardiomyopathy, the drug use should be discontinued.

Use of Aralen during pregnancy

Chloroquine gets into placenta and breast milk. This drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding without first consulting a doctor.

Possible side effects

Keep it in mind that: overuse or misuse of this medicine can suppress the immune system and cause heart problems.

Side effects of Aralen that may manifest during treatment:

  • Respiratory failure;
  • Vision impairment;
  • Corneal opacity;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Headache;
  • Decreased blood pressure;
  • Extrapyramidal reactions (motor disorders);
  • Tinnitus in the absence of an external sound source;
  • Poor sleep and/or trouble maintaining sleep;
  • Stomach cramps, pain, or discomfort;
  • Increased skin sensitivity to ultraviolet or visible radiation.

Taking the tablets after meals may reduce the intensity and duration of some side effects.

Usually, Aralen is well tolerated. Most side effects are mild, especially if the drug is used in small doses for a short period of time (several weeks). They may disappear during treatment as your body adapts to the medication.

Chloroquine Phosphate: interaction with other drugs

Aralen 250 mg or 500 mg tablets should not be used with medicines for treatment of certain types of cardiac arrhythmias, such as Amiodarone Hydrochloride (Cordarone, Nexterone, Pacerone). This increases the risk of problems with heart rate.

Aralen (Chloroquine Phosphate) may affect the pharmacokinetic properties of the following drugs:

  • Anticonvulsants used to treat seizures and other conditions not associated with seizure disorders;
  • Digoxin (Lanacordin, Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin) – a fast-acting cardiac glycoside used to treat heart failure and some other heart problems;
  • Praziquantel (Biltricide, Praziquantel) – a class of anthelmintic drugs used to treat infections caused by certain parasites;
  • Ciclosporin (Ikervis, Ciqorin, Gengraf, Restasis, Cequa, Verkazia, Sandimmune, Neoral) – an immunosuppressant used to treat joint diseases, non-infectious skin diseases, after organ transplants and for other purposes.

Inform your doctor about any medications and supplements that you take, including those available without a prescription.


Store in a dry, dark place at the temperature not higher than 25C degrees.

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Aralen génériques commentaires et avis

  • A
    Avis vérifié

    J'avais des symptômes graves de Covid. C'était probablement dû à mon surpoids et à mon hypertension. J'ai pris 5 doses d'Aralen en 5 jours, la différence était grande. Je toussais encore un peu, mais je pouvais déjà respirer et toutes les douleurs corporelles se sont calmées. Je n'ai eu aucun effet secondaire notable. Je suis très content d'avoir pu récupérer.

  • H
    Avis vérifié

    En février, je me suis senti malade, j'ai perdu mon odorat et j'ai eu d'autres symptômes perceptibles. Le test express a donné un résultat positif pour le covid-19. J'ai commencé à prendre Aralen et je me suis amélioré dans les 48 heures suivantes. Le médicament a provoqué des vomissements et des maux d'estomac. Mais si j’ai Covid de nouveau, j'utiliserai certainement Aralen.

  • RD
    Roi des Etoiles
    Avis vérifié

    J'avais le Covid et de gros problèmes respiratoires, j'étais très étourdie et nauséeuse. J'ai senti une différence après la troisième dose d'Aralen. C'est mon premier jour sans Aralen, je vais presque bien, je me sens seulement faible.

  • K
    Avis vérifié

    C'est mon deuxième achat ici. J'ai commandé Aralen 250 mg avec la livraison à domicile il y a deux semaines. Le meilleur rapport prix et qualité. Bon service client!

  • AM
    Aubagne moi
    Avis vérifié

    Je viens de prendre la 5e dose du traitement de 7 jours et je me sens bien. Parfois, j'ai une douleur à l'estomac qui disparaît en une heure. Mais c'est bien mieux que de se sentir comme si tu ne pouvais pas respirer.

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