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Flagyl (Metronidazole)

Flagyl (Metronidazole)

Flagyl monotherapy is the most effective treatment for many bacterial infections (including severe ones). The drug is also effective in cases where other antibiotics turn ineffective for the treatment of the infection.

Despite the pronounced antimicrobial effect, Flagyl is well tolerated and rarely causes side effects. The drug completely kills the pathogenic microflora that causes infectious or inflammatory processes.

Ingrédient actif: Metronidazole


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Drug Info

  • Brand Name: Flagyl;
  • Active Ingredient: Metronidazole;
  • Manufacturer: Sanofi.

Flagyl and its active substance Metronidazole

Flagyl tablets contain the drug substance Metronidazole, which has antimicrobial and antiprotozoal effects. This is an approved synthetic antibiotic for general (systematic) use:

  • It has an effect on infections caused by certain types of unicellular organisms (protozoa);
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • It stops growth or kills certain types of bacteria that live without oxygen (anaerobic bacteria).

The active ingredient has a high penetrating power for most biological tissues and fluids of different parts of the body.

The maximum bactericidal concentration of Metronidazole is reached within 3 hours in:

  • Skin;
  • Cerebrospinal fluid;
  • Secretion of the glands of the cervical mucosa;
  • Secretion of the salivary glands;
  • Seminal plasma;
  • Internal organs (including lungs, liver and kidneys).

The half-life is up to about 11.5 hours, even in the presence of renal insufficiency. Considering the pharmacokinetic properties, Flagyl is prescribed as a single dose, or up to 3 doses per day.

Indications for use

Primarily, Flagyl is indicated for infections caused by anaerobic microorganisms. The drug is very effective for this type of pathogens, unlike other types of antibacterial agents.

Flagyl is prescribed for treatment of a wide range of infections, including:

  • Reproductive system (for example, giardiasis, bacterial vaginosis);
  • Gastrointestinal (for example, diarrhea, abdominal infection);
  • Other parts of the body (skin, internal organs, blood, and nervous system).

In some cases, this antimicrobial drug is used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the perianal area and prevention of infections, for example, before orthopedic and trauma surgeries.

Treatment regimens and dosages

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The dose is determined by a doctor, who adjusts it individually for you. The dosage depends on the type of infection, the severity of the disease, the presence of contraindications and other conditions.

A typical dosage regimen for the treatment of bacterial infections:

  • A usual starting dose is 800 mg;
  • Subsequent doses are 400 mg three times a day at regular intervals;
  • Depending on the indications, you may be prescribed standard doses ranging from 200 mg to 800 mg up to three times a day.

Even after a few days of treatment, the symptoms may disappear. However, it is very important that a Flagyl treatment (usually 7 days) is completed according to the recommendations. Otherwise, there is a high chance that the infection comes back.

The duration of treatment can be extended by 3 days. The treatment of diseases related with changes in the microflora of the vagina my sometimes require a one-day treatment with the use of a single 2000 mg dose.

Children may be prescribed small doses of Flagyl up to four times a day. Doses for children, including those under 1 year of age, are calculated based on body weight (from 15 mg to 50 mg/kg/24 hours).

Recommendations for use

Follow these guidelines and tips:

  • Take the tablets daily, preferably at the same time;
  • Take the tablets before or after meals;
  • Take the tablets whole with a full glass of water;
  • If you still have signs of an infection after you finish your Flagyl treatment, call your doctor.

Missed Dose

If you miss one or more doses, this may reduce the treatment effectiveness. Take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Skip a dose if it's almost time for the next dose.


Don't take Flagyl if you are hypersensitive to:

  • Any medicine containing Metronidazole (active ingredient of Flagyl);
  • Any medication of the nitroimidazole family.

You should be careful with this drug if you have progressive, chronic, or severe diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system (for example, neuropathy).

Use of Flagyl during pregnancy

Don't take Flagyl if you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless advised otherwise by a doctor.

Possible side effects

  • Change in color (darkening) of urine;
  • Nausea;
  • Cramps (pain) in the abdomen;
  • Problems with coordination;
  • Dryness or pain in the mouth or throat.

Metronidazole: interaction with other drugs

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you take Lithobid, Dilantin, Myleran, or any other prescription or over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, or nutritional supplements.

Avoid consuming alcohol with Flagyl and for 2 days after stopping the treatment to make sure that the drug is completely eliminated from the body. The combination of the drug and alcohol may cause increased heart rate, heat sensation, headaches, stomach cramps, or vomiting.


Store in the original package out of the reach of children, keep in a dark, dry and cool place at a room temperature (up to 30 °C) (not in a bathroom).

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Flagyl Générique commentaires et avis

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    Sans problèmes! Le médicament a marché!

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    Flagyl s’est débarrassé des écoulements, des odeurs, etc. mais j’avais des maux de tête ressemblant à la gueule de bois! Dans l’ensemble, je suis satisfait.

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    Je n’ai eu aucun des effets secondaires dont tout le monde parle tant.

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    J’ai pris le médicament à l’été 2018 et au mois de janvier 2022, on m’a de nouveau diagnostiqué la même infection bactérienne. Flagyl travaille presque immédiatement, mais j’ai l’impression d’être en pilote automatique. J’ai eu un léger vertige et des ballonnements occasionnels, mais c’est à peu près tout.

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    Petit à petit, je vois des améliorations. Le matin, je remarque une urine foncée, il s’avère que c’est un effet secondaire rare. Si l’antibiotique marche comme avant, je suis prêt à supporter cet inconfort temporaire.

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